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HighRoller is an innovative foam roller that revolves around an axle on a height adjustable stand. With the light weight and easy to assemble/disassemble stand, made from aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic, HighRoller lets you foam roll in ergonomic and more effective positions by allowing you to relax while rolling. It does this by focusing pressure on the massaged muscle instead of you having to focus on carrying your bodyweight.

In 2017 HighRoller has distributors in Scandinavia, Germany, U.K, U.S and Japan.


The effectiveness of HighRoller is based on exercise position. You no longer need to use excess energy to maintain difficult exercise positions; now you can channel all of that energy into an essential action – rolling. When the body reaches its natural positions while rolling, the musculature relaxes and will be more receptive to your workout. In the relaxed positions you don't add any unnecessary pressure or pain to other muscles while rolling. That's why rolling with HighRoller is so much more comfortable and effective.

The stands helps you to do movements without putting pressure on your arms. - With traditional foam rollers the pressure on your arms burdens your neck which should be avoided.

The stands are removable which allow you to use HighRoller in three different positions: High, Low and Angled.


HighRoller was created by a professional team with an exercise physiology background. The idea of an elevated foam roller was born in 2013 and it took nearly three years to get everything just right. The height of HighRoller is designed to be suitable for almost everyone. If you are under 160cm (5’2) tall, you might need to place, for example a pillow, under you in some of the exercises. HighRoller is made of high quality materials and if used as we recommend, it should serve you a very long time.

  • Three different settings: High, low and angled
  • Each short plastic legs has a grip on the bottom surface
  • Removable stands
  • Color options: Orange, Black and Pink
  • Measurements: H 42,5 cm (1ft 4.7in), W 57 cm (1ft 10.4in), Weight 3,2kg (7.05lb)
  • Weight limit 120kg (265lb)
  • Patented and trademarked product
  • Manufactured in China
  • One year warranty


By using HighRoller you can achieve several benefits which help you enjoy your active everyday life.

  • HighRolling is based on massage techniques and dynamic flexibility training
  • HighRolling improves blood circulation, muscle metabolism and relaxes soft tissues
  • Correct rolling opens your adnate fascia and returns shortened muscles back to normal length
  • Improves your flexibility, mobility and economy of movement
  • Decreases the risk of sprains, injuries and relieves chronic pains
  • The stand helps allows you to roll without putting pressure on your arms
  • Calm and easy to do movements will allow you to relax while rolling
  • Target muscle has to be relaxed for foam rolling or any type of massage to be effective


Place the muscle to be massaged on the HighRoller and roll the muscle back and forth. Adjust the pressure on the muscle while using the roller. Add pressure when rolling towards the heart and reduce pressure when rolling towards the extremities. Keep the muscles facing the roller as relaxed as possible throughout the exercise.

Pull the aluminum legs off from one side to have the HighRoller at an angle and you can easily massage the outer thigh. Note on rolling the IT-band! Do not roll directly over the IT-band. Instead roll around it.

Direct pressure on the roller directly from above. This makes adjusting the pressure easier and prevents the roller from tipping over.


1. Calm and slow movements
HighRoller rolls around its axle very fast and therefore it is important to do movements slowly and calmly. Do not sit on the HighRoller when the legs are attached in its highest position.

2. Always focus pressure downwards towards the ground
Ensure that the direction of pressure is wholly towards the ground vertically and not horizontal. Horizontal pressure can cause the roller to fall.

3. Keep the muscle you are rolling relaxed
Tensing the muscle you are rolling reduces the effectiveness of the HighRoller. Keep your body relaxed and find the most comfortable position

4. Remember to breathe
Breathing calmly relaxes you and your muscles will get more oxygen. Tip for breathing: breathe in when you roll away from the heart and breath out when you roll towards the heart.

5. Rolling improves the circulation of blood
Roll towards the heart with more pressure and away from the heart with lighter pressure.


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